For well over thirty years, Shawn Craver has gigged from the coffee houses of San Francisco to the giant stages of the North Texas Irish Festival. From sitting in with Del Mar Delaney's bluegrass band in Horse Shoe Run, West Virginia to playing guitar on Roanoke Virginia's Copper Creek Records.  

From the Cumberland Maryland Railfest to the Sioux River Folk Festival in South Dakota and beyond Shawn has paid his dues and paid his rent with his music. He has shared concert and festival stages with Chris Thile, Dick Kimmel, Old Salt Union, Tim O'Brien, Dervish, Altan, Nashville Bluegrass Band and others.

He's played shows for and received sponsorships from NPR, The National Endowment for the Arts, and the State of Maryland. Pat Audley of Wichita, Kansas’s legendary roots music venue, "The Artichoke," simply calls Shawn's music,“The best…” Shawn was once challenged to a train song duel by a porter on a cross-country train. More recently, Shawn was a featured performer on the the main stage at The Kansas State Fiddling Championships.


Shawn grew up in a family steeped in Appalachian music traditions and learned fiddle tunes, ballads, and the lore of Western Maryland and West Virginia first hand. He heard his first fiddle tunes from his mother and his first ballads from his grandmother. His great great grandfather and great great uncle were not only fiddlers, but twins whose father helped Henry Gassaway Davis establish the timber and railroad industry in West Virginia. Shawn's cousins played mountain music and bluegrass at family reunions.

Shawn's grandfather on his Dad's side was a moonshiner and part time musician. His other grandfather moved from West Virginia to Baltimore in the 1950s and played on a weekly radio show. Shawn's step-grandfather taught him a variety of traditional wart cures. Shawn brings this history and humor to every stage he plays. 


Shawn is also a 5 time Maryland State Banjo (Old-Time) Champ, Mid-Atlantic Mandolin Champ, and his unique versions of tunes and songs learned from family and friends in the Potomac Highlands form the foundation of his dynamic stage shows. ​

A full-time musician, when not playing traditional music, Shawn can be found singing his original contemporary songs or rocking out on electric bass or guitar with various electric ensembles.


A writer, a theologian, and a martial artist, Shawn Craver is a published poet, and holds a Masters in Theology from Newman University where he recently served as a panelist with New York Times best selling author Maria Davanah Headley.

Shawn's short stories, poems, articles, and musical works have appeared in Coelacanth Literary Journal, Garrett College Literary Journal, Outrider Podcast, America's Best Emerging Writers, BMI Nashville, and various newspapers. Shawn recently began working on his second novel.  

A recent speaker at the Wichita, Kansas University Friends congregation, Shawn is available for interviews and speaking engagements and specializes in the mystical aspect of spirituality and Christianity. 


A black-belt trained in Chung Do Kwan through Toney Artice, Duk Kyung Choi, and Won Kuk Lee, Shawn spent many years teaching police and college students Tae Kwon Do as an aside to music. Shawn no longer teaches publicly, but may be contacted for private lessons and/or consultation.


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