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Fifty-two year-old fiddler Shawn Craver is a seasoned performer whose family has been in the Appalachian Mountains for generations. His early love for traditional mountain music led him to take up music as a kid and he's performed on stages throughout the United States.

Shawn studied mountain singing with his grandmother and the traditional fiddle styles of regional fiddlers like Grover Broadwater, J.C. Hollis, and Woody Simmons. Shawn will be teaching a workshop for intermediate to advanced players, focusing on one or two regional tunes from West Virginia/Western Maryland. Follow this link for some background on the region... 


Master Classes are a series of 1-5 sessions designed to explore technique and factors beyond technique for fiddlers looking to improve their playing. Breaking down tunes and songs into pieces that are analyzed and explored, emphasis is placed on phrasing, emotion, and context. Students learn to use these variables to create a more personal yet universal musical presentation or "story".

Just as he learned in the Appalachian Mountains, Craver believes that folk music is best learned "by ear."  He has also  studied music theory at Garrett College, holds a Masters degree, and draws from these formal experiences to offer students a structured, yet holistic approach to fiddling.


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