UPDATED: 04/28/2021



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EVERY FRIDAY:  3-4 pm at Songbird Juice in Wichita, Kansas at 1617 Briggs St. in Riverside

EVERY FRIDAY:  6:30-7:30pm Peerless in the heart of downtown Wichita at 919 E Douglas Ave 

MAY 13th: 7-9pm Augustino Brewing 756 N Tyler Rd West Wichita

JUNE 19th: 6-9pm The Brickyard Old Town Wichita

JUNE 26th:  5:15 to 6: 15pm The Hopping Gnome Downtown Wichita 1710 E Douglas

JULY 17th: 6-9pm The Brickyard Old Town Wichita

AUGUST 22nd: The Kansas State Picking and Fiddling Championship Lawrence, KS

SEPTEMBER 18th: Private Event

Origins of the New Time Bards...

An unlikely musical duo started with a friendship made at a coffee shop and bar in Wichita, Kansas called The Vagabond. A transplant from Appalachia, fiddler Shawn Craver hung out with Wichita, Kansas ocarina player Lucas Anderson for several weeks before realizing they shared a strong musical connection. They became fast friends, but Shawn didn't want to jam with Lucas at first because he was "skeptical of the ocarina." But when the friends finally jammed Shawn found that Lucas learned the Appalachian fiddle tunes, "Phenomenally quickly." Shortly after, the duo began playing gigs and later found they had a West Virginia connection with both their grandfathers hailing from central West Virginia.

The duo began playing gigs in Wichita back in December as The New Time Bards and feature pre-bluegrass Appalachian songs and fiddle tune duets on the fiddle and ocarina. Within a couple months The Bards recorded their version of Gid Tanner and the Skillet Licker's, "Soldier, Won't You Marry Me." The duo performs some of Shawn's original songs as well.

Now the New Time Bards play every Friday in Wichita at a local juice bar aptly called Songbird and at a watering hole called Peerless in downtown Wichita for happy hour. Last year Shawn had to cancel gigs at The Appalachian Festival at Frostburg State University in Maryland and other festivals and says that he hopes the new duo can "Get back out there when festivals return." Until then the duo say they have a strong local fan base developing and joke that they are "the hottest fiddle and ocarina duet in the country."

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